According to published statistics, since start of 2017 to nowadays population reduced almost at 140 thousands – to 42.4 millions.

Main issue, according to state statistics, is a gap between death rate and birth rate.

Responding to 100 deaths there is 58 births, in august report. Moreover, Ukraine is in second place in death rate among Europe countries. Current demographic situation can be described as crisis, because problem is relating not only to decrease of population, but as well to reduction of healthy people among all population.

Decreasing of population is proportionally responds to standard of living. Extremely low financing of medical branch is influence on medical service quality.  Ecological safety still remains catastrophic. Atmosphere pollutions have bad influence on every third Ukrainian and one fourth breathes air that is dangerous for life. Spreading of illnesses for last 10 years was increased by 38%.

Emigration obtained a huge scale: Ukrainians massively run away from economic, politic, social crisis, weaponized conflict on the East of Ukraine. Ukrainian young people leave Ukraine to go abroad looking for opportunities to self-realization. And less than a half plan to come back to Ukraine.

“In 1991, when we gained independence, population of our country was 52 million people.  For years of independence we lost 10 million! Without famines and repressions! That`s not just demographic disaster. This is frightful – emphasized leader of political party “Smart Power” Olexandr Solovyov – and even more terrifying that for last years such shameful things as emigration out of country, criminogenic situation, morbidity, mortality increased. Statistic data shows constant deterioration of demographic situation. And Ukrainian government covers that shame by some poor reforms, but Ukrainians’ standard of living is falling”.

“It is necessary to focus on improvement not quantitative, but qualitative – care about social protection families and elderly people, improvement of ecological situation, providing an affordable medical service and education. To reach at least that level that was in 90s, it is necessary to increase financing this branch in several times. Only those steps may be basis for reproductive system of people and actual demographical situation improvement”. – emphasized Olexandr Solovyov.

Olexandr Solovyov

Translation — Olexandr Trocholis

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