The international media forum of the «Belt and Road initiative» took place in the city of Hainan in China. The representative of Selector TV and foreign policy expert Andrei Buzarov visited the event and had an opportunity to discuss this concept with media representatives and experts, who participated in the forum.

The main question asked by Buzarov to all his interviewee was about the way in which the homeland of the responder cooperates with China and what prospects for further development it has?

Our expert interviewed representatives of different countries with different past and present history of bilateral relations with China, but practically all of them noted an increased level of economic relations.

«Not many know that China is India’s largest trading partner apart from United States. So economic relations are very robust», – told CEO-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of India Writers Network. He also added, that the informal summit between Indian and Chinese leaders, held in April, was a distinct sign of thaw in relationships after the escalation in the last year.

The development of the economic component was also mentioned by the President of The Belgrade forum for a world of equals Silk Road connectivity research center representative of Serbia.

«In the past Serbia had excellent political relations with China but very limited economic cooperation. Now I can speak about balance between political trust and economic cooperation», –said the representative of Serbia.

San Francisco Bay Area Regional Director Mr. Michael Steger expressed an idea, that China is becoming a serious competitor for IMF, Wall Street and other financial giants.

«What China has initiated is a new financial system, they are now lending donations for long-term development projects. This gives nations a choice, they can either go to the IM, like Argentina does today, with major problems associated with that, or they can go to China and they can have loan from investment project», – explained Mr. Steger, noting that China is creating a new financial system, which probably is going to expand worldwide after the next financial crisis at the threshold of which we stand.

Knowing the high interest go China in the African region Andrei Buzarov could not help talking to the Deputy Chief Sub Editor of the Times of Zambia. Explaining the partnership between countries and Chinese interest in the area Mr. Jackson Mwewa underlined, that China and Zambia have been friends since the 1960s.

«Today China is developing infrastructure in terms of roads, schools and hospitals, that we haven’t developed in the past», – told Mr. Mwewa.

Buzarov also met with the Professor of International Studies Leiden University, Editor-in-Chief of Hungarian Local-Modern Media Group, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Lithuanian Tribune and many other prominent persons.

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